Valentine's Gift Guide 💝

Good evening fairies! How are you all doing? Last week I took a little break from my blog but this week I have a cute little post prepared again! This month has been a bit chaotic for me, I'm working on getting my drivers license and at the end of the month we will move to a new apartment. 
Valentine's is just around the corner and I have to say that I miss all the pink things in the stores! In my country, we don't really sell things for Valentine so there are no special collections whatsoever. 
This year me and my boyfriend won't celebrate it because we want to save some money for moving apartments and our holiday to Berlin, but I still decided to create a cute little gift guide for the ones that do! 

1. Pandora / Diamond heart charm 2.190CZK

This charm is so cute! I'm thinking about getting another Pandora bracelet, one for my Disney charms and one for my other pink girly charms. I know that this one will just fit perfectly with my style.


2. Charbonnel Et Wa…

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